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Scratch 2.0 is now 100% translated

Date: 8 November 2013 Author: Sjoerd Dirk Categories: Scratch 2


With help from John, I’ve translated the last 9000 words for the Scratch 2.0 Website last week.
Also many thanks to the other translators for their share of the work.

Scratch 2.0 is now fully translated into Dutch.

If you see strange translations or if you have comments on it, please post it in the Scratch-forum:

The Scratch-cards and Getting Started Guide will be available in Dutch in probably the next few weeks.
They become available on this site and on
After all the files are translated we will send it to the Scratch Team and then they become available also on

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2 Comments: "Scratch 2.0 is now 100% translated"

  1. Published by: Wim Goosens Date: 04 July 2014

    War kan ik de nederlandse versie van Scratch 2.0 downloaden?

    1. Published by: Sjoerd Dirk Date: 04 July 2014

      Scratch 2.0 is er zowel in een online als een offline versie.
      De online versie kun je vinden op
      De offline versie is te downloaden via