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Primo photos – March/April 2014

Date: 11 April 2014 Author: Sjoerd Dirk Categories: Primo 0


I think photos say more than a thousand words. ;-)

Please post any questions about the photos in the comment form at the bottom.
I’ll respond as quickly as possible.
(Please, don’t email. By posting your question on this page others can learn from it too.)
(The form can also be used to request more photos; please specify what you want to see on the photo.)

BTW, I’m not using Arduinos, but Shrimps.
You can see them turned upside down at the photos, this was the easiest way to connect them to the stripboards (they can be removed also).
For the interface board I used two of them, connected with I2C. This way I have enough pins for all the LED’s and blocks.

[Click on a photo for a larger version.]

20140325_222041 20140323_190824 20140323_192353 20140323_193501 20140323_212407 20140323_212632 20140323_212703 20140323_212832 20140325_185551 20140325_185618 20140325_185659 20140325_185707 20140325_191128 20140325_204412 20140325_204419 20140325_204438 20140411_200653 20140411_200722 20140411_200807 20140411_200613 20140411_200629

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