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Primo day 6 – March 5, 2014

Date: 5 March 2014 Author: Sjoerd Dirk Categories: Primo 0



Today I sawed the plywood in sheets of 30 x 60 cm (well roughly ;) ).

When I got home I checked every sheet, to pick out the 6 best ones.

And I found out that many pieces contain large strips of air “pockets” between the two outer layers of the plywood!

So be careful when you buy the plywood. Hold it against a light source to check for brighter parts, those are probably air pockets between the outer layers.

But I managed to get 5 good sheets and 2 sheets with air on the short sides of the sheet.

I then matched the sheets with my PDF’s (the best sheets for the outer parts of Primo) and marked them.

I also marked the top left corner of the sheet.
This way I don’t have to figure out which sheet and which way around it goes in the laser cutter.
It’ll probably save me some time Friday.

Almost forgot an important thing!

My colleague called me this afternoon; he picked the 1mm plywood up for me.
Can’t wait ’till tomorrow ;) !

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