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Primo day 5 – March 4, 2014

Date: 4 March 2014 Author: Sjoerd Dirk Categories: Primo 0


Plywood – 1 mm

I’ve ordered the plywood at Yvonne’s Hobby-corner.
They were kind enough to sell me a piece of 50 x 50cm for the same price as 100 x 25 cm (see Day 4).
My colleague will get it for me tomorrow afternoon, so I will have it by Thursday.

That adds € 13,73 to the total.

N.B. I think I didn’t mention FabKlas in my previous posts. It’s a FabLab inside a secondary school in The Hague.
I know the teachers who run it, and I’m going to visit them this Friday to see how they organized it.
And… I can use their laser cutter!

Tomorrow I’ll saw the 4mm plywood in to 30 x 60 cm pieces.
I can use a table saw tomorrow, so that will be easier than using a jigsaw tool.


The magnets arrived today!
I’m happy about that, because I can use them to check if the scaling of the laser cutter files are OK.
They should fit perfectly inside the circles which are going to be cut out.
I’ll take them with me next Friday, and after the first run of the laser cutter I will check if they fit (or maybe I’m going to make a test file to check).


Primo asked me to translate the instructions on their website.
I hope I can find some time in the next days to get started, but my schedule is very busy ;-(

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