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Primo day 12 – March 18, 2014

Date: 18 March 2014 Author: Sjoerd Dirk Categories: Primo 3


The last two days I’ve been working on the interface board.

I will list my actions in the order I did them (it’s not the same order as the Primo instructions):

Interface board:

  • Glue interface board pieces 1+2 together
  • Glue interface board pieces 3+4 together (carefully look at the right position of the 1mm piece (I glued it wrongly the first time and had to do it over))
  • Paint the green border of the function area
  • Glue the green border and the piece that goes within it.
  • Put the magnets in and add some glue onto them (I used wood glue, not hot glue (I hate hot glue, it’s so messy))
  • Attach all the copper tape (if you’re using single sided copper tape; don’t forget to put some solder at all the connections!)
  • Solder the 10K Ohm resistors


  • Glue the top 2 layers
  • Glue the bottom 2 layers
  • Paint the top layer (not the sides)
  • Paint the bottom layer (not the sides)
    • Also paint the pieces of the interface board in the same color
  • Attach the copper tape (see the tip below)
  • Put the magnet in
  • Solder the resistor (with as less solder as possible!)
  • Glue the top pieces and bottom pieces together
  • Paint the sides


The copper tapes has the same width as the holes in the blocks.
Remove the paper of the tape and slide the tape inside both holes (with the smooth surface innerface).
Attach the piece of copper tape to the paper.
Pull the paper out of the holes (and the copper tape in the holes).
Remove the paper.
Attach the copper tape to the wood.
(I’ll upload photo’s later… ;) )

20140318_203209 20140318_203335 20140318_203528

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3 Comments: "Primo day 12 – March 18, 2014"

  1. Published by: Roman Date: 19 March 2014

    Great! I’m checking in here daily :)
    Also started today with my Primo project:

  2. Published by: Daniel Date: 22 October 2014

    What kind of wire did you use to wire everything together? First attempt at putting something like this together.

    1. Published by: Sjoerd Dirk Date: 24 October 2014

      I used wire you can buy at every electronics shop. AWT22 I believe.